Fire Risk

IFE Malaysia Branch is offering a 5-day Fire Risk Assessor accredited course. The accreditation is by IFEM Malaysia Branch.


The main objective of the Fire Risk Assessors (FRA) accredited course is to raise the profile and competency of fire engineers, fire safety engineers, fire safety managers, fire safety engineers, fire auditors in the fire and the construction industry. Participant who completes the course will be recognized as qualified Fire Risk Assessor (FRA) and listed on the Institution of Fire Engineers (UK) Malaysia Branch’s (IFEM) website as FRA registrants. All registrants of FRA will have the opportunity to join IFE as a member (of suitable grade) with an opportunity to be registered as an Engineering Technician with The UK Engineering Council.

A competent FRA should be able to conduct professional risks assessment on buildings under survey, with in-depth knowledge learnt throughout the course. A qualified FRA should be competent to produce a comprehensive risks assessment report by highlighting the risks of assets under review for loss prevention and for business continuity. A proper risk assessment will enable building owners to exercise mitigation measures in eradicating or reducing fire risks and ensuring safety of all occupants and visitors through risks management recommendations. The value of having competent FRAs in the industry or an organization is in achieving loss prevention and in building a sustainable society with life safety and property protection as the main objective.

Course Learning Outcomes

Participants who have attended this course and achieved the qualification should be able to:


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